New Music Friday: Balkan Dances

Happy Friday, everyone! We have another new music selection for you this week: Balkan Dances, a collection of arrangements of folk music by Marcia Stockton.

This suite comes from the rich folk music traditions of southeastern Europe. Five folk dances from Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Serbia that were selected for approachable rhythms, scales, and harmonies. “Hora” means dance, usually a line or circle dance.

  1. Palóc Táncok – a dance from the Palóc region in Hungary. The melody is handed off from one section to another.
  2. Hora Fetelor – a women’s circle dance from Romania. Features the first violins with a swinging accompaniment in the lower strings.
  3. Hora de la Munte – a circle dance from Moldova. Features a second violin-viola duet.
  4. Joc de Leagane – a cradle dance from Transylvania in Romania. The first violins’ plaintive, expressive melody has a curious pizzicato accompaniment.
  5. Basara – a gallop from Serbia. All play presto to a rousing conclusion.

Marcia Stockton (ASCAP) composes predominantly for string orchestra. Her pieces range in difficulty from grade 1 to 4+, and her original compositions span a gamut of styles from quasi-Baroque to late Romantic to Impressionism to 20th-century Americana featuring spirituals and folk tunes. Her works are always tonal, but some stretch listeners’ comfort level a little bit through the use of jazz-influenced harmonies and unusual modulations that explore interesting harmonic relationships. She also composes sacred works. Marcia studied music theory at Swarthmore College (B.A. 1975) and pursued advanced cello study with two eminent Philadelphia Orchestra cellists. She had a fruitful technical career, achieving distinction as Senior Technical Staff Member and Master Inventor at IBM (1983-2005) before turning back to music composition, performance and teaching in 2013. She volunteered with the Carson Valley Sinfonia, a unique orchestra that ignited many music careers by giving string students an opportunity to “apprentice” by playing alongside professionals and community members. Many of her works were premiered by the Sinfonia.

New Music Friday

New Music Friday: Tango Americana

The Tango is a study in syncopation and accent. This original piece uses two themes, one in the key of F major and another in the relative minor. You can augment the overall Tango feel by using the included percussion parts for claves, bongo drums, and maracas.

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New Music Friday

New Music Friday: Personent Hodie

The tune used in this carol is believed to have originated in Germany, possibly around 1360. This arrangement stays relatively faithful to the melody, which is presented in groups of upper strings and lower strings. All parts can be played in first position, although the cello has several measures of divisi. At the marked tempo, the piece runs about two and a half minutes.

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New Music Friday

New Music Friday: The Changing Timepiece

This work is a set of brief variations based on the theme from the slow movement of Franz Joseph Haydn’s Symphony No. 101. This symphony is nicknamed “The Clock” due to the “tick-tock” effect that you will hear accompanying the theme. This work was created to be a teaching tool. Depending on what the students already were exposed to, this piece offers a chance to deal with changing time signatures, changing key signatures, changing tempi, col legno technique, subito, Grand Pause, tremolo, what are variations, what an old-fashioned mechanical clock sounds like, as well as historical information about Haydn and his symphonies.

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New Music Friday

New Music Friday: Slavonic Dance Op. 46, No. 2

Antonín Dvořák’s Slavonic Dances were originally composed to be played on the piano by two performers. The composer then created orchestrations for full orchestra, bringing him much recognition as a composer. This string orchestra arrangement increases the opportunities for even more performers and audiences to enjoy it.

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