New Music Friday: ¡Nunca te Rindas!

On a recent trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the composer learned of the incredible resilience of the native people of the region. The stories of colonization, slaughter, and assimilation were poignant reminders of the resilience of the Otomi people. ¡Nunca te Rindas! pays tribute to these remarkable people.

New Music Friday: Precipice

This week we have an exciting new title from composer Eric B. Davis. Precipice is a high energy musical journey that evokes images of scaling ever-shifting terrain to reach the peak of a large cliff, and gaze into the vastness below. Rapid melodies and musical episodes take you on extended twists and turns, leading you […]

New Music Friday: Over the Misty Moor

For years, the composer worked in an elementary school, which necessitated driving to work early in the morning, often just as the sun rose. Working in a very rural district, that drive took him past countless farm fields, the sort that lay fallow and empty in the late fall and winter. On many a morning, […]

New Music Friday: Non più andrai

This week we have a new full orchestra arrangement from the one and only Sandra Dackow! “Time to go, get your gear, party’s o-ver” (Dr. Dackow’s very loose translation). This wonderful aria, written as a humorous little military march, has Figaro informing the young Cherubino that he’s in the army now and life just won’t […]

New Music Friday: Nearer, My God, to Thee

As you know, each Friday we highlight one of this year’s new titles. This week, we’ve got a setting of a 19th-century hymn tune with a famous historical tie. “Nearer, My God, to Thee” was written in 1841 by Sarah Flower Adams. It has been set to music several times. The setting most famous in […]

New Music Friday: Symphony No. 4 “Tragische”, First Movement

This week for New Music Friday we have the first grade 5 title we’ve ever published at Tempo Press: Robert McCashin’s arrangement of the first movement of Franz Schubert’s Symphony No. 4. Franz Schubert was born in Vienna in 1797. He was taught music on the violin and viola by his father, an amateur musician […]

New Music Friday: Balkan Dances

Happy Friday, everyone! We have another new music selection for you this week: Balkan Dances, a collection of arrangements of folk music by Marcia Stockton. This suite comes from the rich folk music traditions of southeastern Europe. Five folk dances from Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Serbia that were selected for approachable rhythms, scales, and harmonies. […]

New Music Friday: Joyeux

Some of the best holiday concert titles, aren’t necessarily holiday music at all. Composer Mark Barnard originally wrote Joyeux for a family holiday video and it captures the joyous spirt of the holidays, but it is not explicitly holiday themed. As such, it is an excellent change of pace for your concerts this December. With its […]

New Music Friday: Tango del Sol Brillante

Tango del Sol Brillante, or “Tango of the Bright Sun”, is an exotic, engaging and playful dance with catchy melodies and a fun rhythmic pulse enhanced by percussion instruments. Its suave feel and instant appeal to the ear will transport you to Argentina and back. The rhythmic pattern of the main theme is intended to […]

New Music Friday: Minstrels from <i>Preludes Book 1, No. 12</i>

A lot of video games were played at our house during quarantine this spring. One of the most popular ones was Untitled Goose Game, a hit game about a mischievous goose wreaking havoc in a tidy, little village. One of the game’s many charms is its inventive use of Debussy’s Preludes as a score: The […]