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Two Octave Scales and Bowings

Composer: Susan C. Brown

Two Octave Scales and Bowings is a helpful and fresh look at scales and bowings for budding string players and is recommended by the ASTA Certificate Program for Strings. Included for each major and minor scale are: a two octave scale; a scale played on one string; arpeggios; a chromatic scale; and the scale in octaves, thirds and sixths. Bowings covered include détaché, legato, martelé, staccato, ricochet, collé, spiccato and sautillé.

Praise for Two Octave Scales and Bowings:

"This is a wonderful addition to my teaching repertoire"

"An excellent scale book, extremely well done."

"Susan C. Brown has succeeded in putting together in a wonderfully intelligent and complete manner a two-octave scale study plan that advances bow arm along with left hand. An ideal solution."

"A well organized and thorough work. The practical double stop and bowing work is particularly helpful."

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